Clinical Requirements

Before you are eligible to participate in clinical rotations, you must complete all clinical requirements. These requirements apply to the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN), Licensed Practical Nurse to Associate of Science in Nursing (LPN-ASN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs.

You are required to have a health and physical examination dated within one year prior to admission to your first clinical experience. You must submit an up-to-date verification of your immunization profile as part of the health and physical examination.

You are required to receive a TB test annually and have it read by a professional. If you have a positive reaction to the TB test, you must submit documentation of one clear chest X-ray and complete a Chest X-ray Reactor Form annually thereafter.

You are also required to complete the series of Hepatitis B vaccinations or present proof of adequate titer level of Hepatitis B vaccine.

You are required to complete a CPR certification course (adult, infant, child) and maintain a current CPR certification throughout the entire program of study.

You must complete a criminal background check annually while you are enrolled in clinical courses. The background check must include:

  • A detailed criminal background check
  • A driving history record
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG), federal government

You must complete a drug test annually.

You must sign the following forms annually:

  • USF Standard of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement
  • USF Student Understanding, Consent to Release Information form
  • Other documents required by clinical agencies

You must complete all current requirements mandated by each clinical agency on an annual basis. On-site clinical orientation may be required at clinical agencies prior to the start of the semester.

You will receive uniform and equipment requirements for clinical rotations.

Affiliating agencies may withhold clinical experiences if you have any of the following records:

  1. Positive drug screening
  2. Crimes against the person, such as battery or assault
  3. Crimes based on dishonesty or untruthfulness, such as theft or embezzlement
  4. Crimes related to drug or other substance abuse
  5. History of recent DUI or other driving violations or penalties.

Without clinical experiences, you cannot complete all aspects of the Nursing program and will be dismissed.