Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at the University of Saint Francis will prepare you for entry-level practice in a variety of clinical settings. Upon completion of the BSN program, you will be eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Student Learning Outcomes

USF faculty have prepared program goals that flow from the conceptual threads of the BSN program. By the time you graduate, you will be prepared to practice as a nurse generalist who is able to:

  1. Provide comprehensive, patient-centered, nursing care for individuals, families and communities across the lifespan in diverse settings.
  2. Utilize critical reasoning and clinical judgment in the application of information and health care technologies to provide safe, patient centered care.
  3. Integrate concepts from humanities and social, behavioral, life and physical sciences with nursing knowledge and practice.
  4. Demonstrate a caring presence through effective communication strategies and establishing therapeutic relationships with patients.
  5. Collaborate with members of the health team to improve health outcomes and policy in an evolving regulatory environment.
  6. Demonstrate leadership by directing nursing activities and initiating change to improve quality, patient care outcomes and health care delivery systems.
  7. Integrate Catholic Social Teaching, ethical, legal, and Franciscan principles in decision making as a professional nurse.
  8. Develop a plan for professional growth and lifelong learning as a member of the nursing profession.
  9. Apply evidence based practice principles in decision making and delivery of nursing care.

Clinical Requirements

In order to participate in clinical experiences, you must meet the clinical requirements set by the Department of Nursing and clinical agencies.

External Assessment Program

The Department of Nursing uses a system of external assessment and remediation for pre-licensure students. You will purchase a designated testing package upon enrollment in your first nursing course. The primary purpose is to help you prepare for success on the NCLEX-RN. Results from these tests are also used to evaluate course outcomes.

You’ll be required to complete designated tests, including content mastery assessments, at specified points in the curriculum. In addition, a nationally normed comprehensive examination designed to predict success on the NCLEX-RN will be administered during the final clinical nursing course. You must achieve a designated satisfactory score on the comprehensive examination in order to meet course requirements.

Math Competency Program

A math competency program provides an assessment of your math calculation knowledge and skills, and consistent testing practices in pre-licensure programs.

Career Advancement

Completion of the BSN program provides you with mobility opportunities. Upon completion of the program, you may choose to advance your education even further by pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). The MSN program at USF will prepare you for advanced practice as a family nurse practitioner.

Additional Resources

The Indiana StateBoard of Nursing provides information related to nursing education and nursing programs, including NCLEX scores for all Indiana programs.