BSN Program Effectiveness/Outcomes Data

Pass Rates

Following nursing program completion, graduates take a licensure examination called NCLEX-RN. The examination is designed to validate minimum competency. An annual nursing program pass rate is calculated and published by the Indiana State Board of Nursing (ISBN). The pass rate is based on how many candidates who took the test and passed on the first attempt. Nursing programs compare their results with the national pass rate. Our goal is to have a program pass rate at, or above, the national pass rate. The average BSN NCLEX-RN pass rate for the past three years is 95%

Completion Rates

Completion rate is a calculation that indicates the number of students who complete the nursing program in the amount of time equivalent to 150% of the program length. For the USF BSN Program, completion rates are calculated based on six years to graduate, most students graduate in less than six years.

Employment Rates

The University of Saint Francis sends a survey to all graduates six to twelve months after graduation. Due to low survey response rates from graduates, the nursing department also attempts to verify employment directly with graduates. Based on those responding to the survey and information collected from graduates directly, the BSN Program has direct information that at least 90% of graduates are employed in nursing within six to twelve months after graduation. The remaining 10% of graduates contact is lost so no accurate follow-up information is available.